5 communication tools to help you speak to your teen about drugs or alcohol

Seeing your child's drug and alcohol problem spin out of control and being unable to help is an excruciating experience. If communication has all but stopped between you and your child, worry is a constant in your life. With the right communication tools, though, you don't have to feel helpless any longer. Addiction expert Dr. Robert Meyers says these five [...]

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Teen drug use: It’s never too early to intervene

You're flooded with many different emotions when you know your teen is using drugs or alcohol. Often you're concerned, but not sure what to do. Is this just an experimental stage that will pass? Is he just being a typical rebellious teen? You tell yourself that as long as it doesn't get out of hand, [...]

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5 signs you need help with your kid’s drug and alcohol use

Do you suspect your teen has been experimenting with drugs? Perhaps you’ve already found drugs and alcohol and know it’s a fact. As a parent, you want to help your child, but it’s not easy knowing the most effective way to make a difference. “Parents often try a number of different methods to combat their [...]

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Study Shows Teens Prescribed Opioids for Injuries More Likely to Abuse Drugs as Adults

A new University of Michigan study referenced in the Ann Arbor News reinforces the importance of vigilance on the part of parents where their teens and drugs are concerned. The study shows that legal prescription opioid use by high school students leads to a greater likelihood of drug abuse when the teens become adults. High [...]

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Creator of CRAFT Approach Gives Top 3 Messages for Parents Dealing with Substance Abuse

Parenting coach Cathy Taughinbaugh interviewed Dr. Robert Meyers, the creator of the CRAFT approach (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), to find out how CRAFT came about and to share how he worked with Cadence Online to adapt CRAFT into Parent CRAFT for the parents of teens and young adults dealing with substance abuse. Dr. Meyers [...]

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Family Support is More Powerful than Tough Love

This article in the Elephant Journal says there is something crucial missing from media coverage of the epidemic of drug addiction: the untapped power of a family to support a loved one through addiction. This article in the Elephant Journal says there is something crucial missing from media coverage of the epidemic of drug addiction: [...]

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Report Says Focus Should be on Prevention and Early Intervention for Teens Using Drugs and Alcohol

A recent report on teen drug use and overdose rates concludes that the U.S. should change its drug strategy to focus on prevention rather than intervening once a teen has developed a serious drug problem, according to HealthDay. The study, “Reducing Teen Substance Misuse: What Really Works” by Trust for America's Health, shows that young [...]

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