Parent CRAFT Q&A

A fast-paced and engaging video-based course that teaches parents the skills they need to meet the challenge of substance abuse.

Parent CRAFT will benefit any parent with an adolescent or adult child that is at any stage of using drugs or alcohol.

Parents that just suspect their child may be experimenting, as well as those that know that their child is using substances, will find these skills very useful in heading off more serious issues. The earlier you can intervene the better. With the easily available and commonly used drugs by our children, often experimenting can lead to dangerous behaviors, permanent health damage and even death.

Parent CRAFT is a powerful tool for overcoming treatment resistance, should professional help be required. It will also help you find the best match in help for your child and help you to ensure your child has a successful recovery. The skills learned are very supportive of the leading evidence-based approaches used by therapists.

The course will reduce your stress as a parent, by knowing how to handle the real-life situations you will encounter.

The course has five sections. They each build on the previous skills learned. Parents often find that the interactions with their child improve significantly when they apply the skills learned in the first Communications section. This section can be completed in less than an hour.

Parents are encouraged to complete the sections over a period of several weeks and practice the skills before moving onto a new section.

The course is interactive so the time to complete each section depends on how much time is spent on the worksheets and in reviewing material. The video portion, including quizzes, takes less than one hour per section, so you could complete the course without worksheets in 4 hours.

The worksheets used in the latter sections are very useful in developing specific solutions that apply best to your child. With these included, the entire interactive course takes from 6 to 8 hours to complete. It is anticipated that the course will be a resource that parents return to for review as they deal with new situations with their teen or adult child.

A written guide is provided in the Suggesting Professional Help section to assist parents in finding the best fit for help, should it be required, for their child.

The course uses highly engaging video segments both for teaching and practicing the skills. Four sets of parents with their child are used throughout the course. You learn with them as they progress in their knowledge of applying these skills.

The instructor first presents the new skill.

A parent and child then act out a real-life scenario where the parent uses a typical approach to a challenging situation. The instructor discusses briefly what went wrong.

A parent and child then act out a real-life scenario where the parent tries to apply the skills taught to this point in the course.

A series of interactive questions follow that allows you to apply your learning to the last interaction. The instructor responses provide guidance to your based on your responses.

Starting with the Roadmap section, you will be guided through several worksheets to develop specific strategies that work best with your child. These are as brief as possible, but they provide very important information based on your understanding of your child.

Yes. You may pause or review sections and move through the course at your own pace. You may leave and return at any time and as often as you like. There is no restriction on how often you may use the course.
Yes. The purchase price includes unlimited access for the user and their immediate family. It is anticipated that parents will return to the course to review sections in the future.
You may share the course with members of your immediate family. Course access may not be shared beyond your immediate family.
Yes, the course is interactive with multiple online quizzes that provide you with feedback if you have difficulty with any of the skills. You will be encouraged to review sections that might be challenging to apply at first.
The parent-child scenarios are based on real-life interactions between parents and their children. The instruction and examples in the online course are based on both years of successful in-person CRAFT classes across the world, as well as on research with families in the Parents Translational Research Center at the Treatment Research Institute.

Yes. These skills are based on the leading evidence-based approach used for dealing with child and adult issues, called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. The first four sections will teach you skills that will help you in shaping positive behavior with all of your children.

Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT) was developed at the University of New Mexico by Robert Meyers, Ph.D. and colleagues.

CRAFT has been shown to be highly successful in getting addicted individuals to enter treatment, and is proven to be more successful than other approaches.

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