Parent CRAFT Overview

Parent CRAFT provides immediate online access for all parents to the proven CRAFT training.

A fast-paced and engaging video-based course that teaches parents the skills they need to meet the challenge of substance abuse.

Course Details

Professional guidance throughout the course

Real-world examples of parents interacting with their child, before and after applying the CRAFT method

Worksheets that focus on what works for your child

Interactive exercises to reinforce learning

Each section is designed to teach a specific set of skills

A quick course overview and introduction to CRAFT

Watch an excerpt (50 seconds)

Course Index

  • Welcome to Parent CRAFT

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate so your child will respond in a positive manner. Most parents experience major improvements in behavior after completing this first section.

Watch an excerpt (49 seconds)

  • Skill 1 – Stay on Point
  • Skill 2 – Be Positive
  • Skill 3 – Refer to Specific Behaviors
  • Skill 4 – Label Your Feelings
  • Skill 5 – Offer an Understanding Statement
  • Skill 6 – Accept Partial Responsibility
  • Skill 7 – Offer to Help
  • Example of Good Communication
  • Advanced Skills Practice
  • Wrap Up

Helps you understand and then change the patterns of substance use.

Watch an excerpt (50 seconds)

  • Introduction
  • Identifying Triggers
  • Identifying Substance Use
  • Identifying Long-Term Negative Consequences
  • Identifying Short-Term Positive Consequences
  • Completing the Roadmap
  • Using the Roadmap
  • Wrap Up

Guides you in breaking the cycle of use by rewarding your child’s sobriety.

Watch an excerpt (1 min 8 secs)

  • Introduction
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Reinforcement vs. Enabling
  • Creating a List of Reinforcers
  • Delivering Rewards
  • Practice Exercise of Delivering
  • Practice Exercise for Readiness
  • Wrap Up

Teaches you how, when and why to safely withdraw your attention when your child is using.

Watch an excerpt (1 min 26 secs)

  • Introduction
  • Guiding, Reassuring and Arguing
  • Protecting, Rescuing and Fixing
  • Natural Consequences vs. Punishment
  • Identifying Your Current Pattern
  • Alternatives to Guiding, Reasoning and Arguing
  • Alternatives to Fixing or Protecting
  • Practice Exercises
  • Preparing a Withdrawal Plan
  • Planning to Use Natural Consequences
  • Reviewing and Evaluating the Plan
  • Wrap Up

Focuses on finding the right treatment and then getting your child to accept this help.

Watch an excerpt (1 min 54 secs)

  • Introduction
  • Treatment Options
  • Choosing the Right Treatment Program
  • Practice Exercises
  • Creating a Treatment Plan
  • Problem-Solving Exercises
  • Wrap Up

Hear from some of our Parents

My daughter is struggling with drugs and alcohol and we’ve been looking at all avenues to help her. Thank you for the opportunity with Parent CRAFT, many of the instructional tools have made me seriously reconsider my communication approaches with my daughter.

Father of 18 year old daughter using drugs and alcohol

All parents who have kids who are using will benefit from the course. If a child comes home a little bit drunk and is happy and friendly, the tendency for the parents would be to have a conversation with him that is perhaps easier and more enjoyable then their normal conversations, not knowing that this would just reinforce the drug/alcohol use.

Mother who lost her son to addiction 10 years ago

I have finished the Parent CRAFT course. Wow, it was very very helpful. The videos were amazing, very detailed, but I liked the interactive quizzes and the worksheets the most, the course is long, and this is an important issue so it should require a lot of attention. I am very glad I took this course!

Father of 16 year old using alcohol and suspects drug use
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