Hear From Professionals…

The notion of waiting for your child to hit bottom before doing something about it is ridiculous. Parent CRAFT may be the first step in saving your child’s life.

— Robert J. Meyers, PhD
Creator of CRAFT

I’ve had a number of parents express interest in CRAFT training and now I’m thrilled that I can share the new Parent CRAFT program! It is a convenient, insightful training that will give parents a step-by-step understanding about the CRAFT approach. The program demonstrates how changing the conversation can help a family when they are struggling with substance use or are seeking to change negative behavior. I highly recommend the Parent CRAFT program!

— Cathy Taughinbaugh
Parent Coach

Now and then there really is something new under the sun! CRAFT is a new and original method for helping “unmotivated” loved ones change harmful substance use and get the help they need. It has clearly been shown to be far more effective than traditional approaches, and yet in most areas it is simply unavailable to families who need it. Parent CRAFT is a self-teaching way to access this approach no matter where you live.

— William R Miller, Ph.D.
Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
The University of New Mexico

The Online Parent CRAFT program is a great asset to parents providers of substance use disorder treatment. In the family group that I co-lead at Minnesota Alternatives, an outpatient program, we have found CRAFT approaches to be invaluable. It’s so important that you include families of young adults as well as teens. Our attendees are largely parents of young adults who come to us in dire need of help – not only because of their children’s substance misuse, but because there is so little out there to help them. Parents tell us that CRAFT helps them have a better life and can lower overall conflict in the home – even if their loved one doesn’t completely stop using or has a relapse.

— Anne M. Fletcher, MS, RDN
Author, Inside Rehab, Sober for Good, the Thin for Life books, and Weight Loss Confidential

I have been a widely recognized expert in the field of substance abuse for over 30 years. But, when my own son was struggling with addictions, I found myself helpless in knowing how to overcome his resistance to treatment. There were no evidence-based tools to guide me through this frightening experience. I didn’t know how to effectively talk with my son, how to take care of myself during the process and how to support him during recovery.
The product that Cadence Online is developing in cooperation with TRI and CRAFT will be the first practical, effective and scientifically based tool available to address this overwhelming need. This product will be a god-send to the over 2 million parents in the U.S. alone that are in the same awful place I found myself.

— A. Thomas McLellan, PhD
Former Deputy Director
Office of National Drug Control Policy

Hear From Parents…

We have been learning about CRAFT in a parent support group that utilizes the “Get Your Loved One Sober, Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading and Threatening” book by Robert J. Meyers and Brenda L Wolfe. CRAFT made sense to us from the beginning because it is based on the premise that strengthening the relationship with our loved one who is struggling with addition is the key to their and our recovery.

While we wanted to invest more time implementing CRAFT we couldn’t find a doable way to practice all of the concepts we have been learning. This is when we found Parent CRAFT by Cadence Online. It has since become an invaluable tool in helping us reestablish a more satisfying, positive relationship with our son.

The brilliant people at Cadence have created a website that is expertly designed and very easy to use. After signing up for their service we are able review and practice with the material as often as we need to. Everyone in our immediate family can use it as well. It includes relatable, realistic dramatizations that teach all the CRAFT concepts and includes print and PDF worksheets, practice exercises and an excellent blog.

We no longer feel overwhelmed all the time and hyper focused on our son’s addiction. As a result our relationship as a couple and family is so much better than it has been. We are now able to speak more directly and honestly about how we are all feeling. We are making progress. Thank you Cadence and Parent CRAFT for helping to give us Hope!

— Kristin & John Garbett, Salt Lake City, UT

All parents who have kids who are using will benefit from the course. For the parents whose kid is not heavily using but who are still concerned about what is going on, this would be beneficial because it would teach them some helpful skills, such as not giving the child attention or rewards when they’ve been using. Like they said in the video, this can be difficult to do and may not be something parents even think about. If a child comes home a little bit drunk and is happy and friendly, the tendency for the parents would be to have a conversation with him that is perhaps easier and more enjoyable then their normal conversations, not knowing that this would just reinforce the drug/alcohol use. For parents who realize there is a problem, the entire skill set would be extremely beneficial, and likewise for parents whose kids are already in treatment. It would help them to be more mindful of how they can support their child’s efforts toward recovery. I see the program being applicable in all those scenarios.

— Mother who lost her child to addiction 10 years ago.

My daughter is struggling with drugs and alcohol and we’ve been looking at all avenues to help her. Thank you for the opportunity with Parent CRAFT, many of the instructional tools have made me seriously reconsider my communication approaches with my daughter.

— Father of 18 year old daughter using drugs and alcohol

I have finished the Parent CRAFT course. Wow, it was very very helpful. The videos were amazing, very detailed, but I liked the interactive quizzes and the worksheets the most, the course is long, and this is an important issue so it should require a lot of attention. I am very glad I took this course!

— Father of 16 year old using alcohol and suspects drug use