Parent CRAFT can help.


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What is Parent CRAFT?

A online video course that teaches parents the skills they need to meet the risks of substance abuse. Parent CRAFT is based on the proven CRAFT method.


Parent CRAFT is available in English and Spanish. Switch captions on the video lessons at any time.


Decrease your child’s drug/alcohol use

CRAFT is clinically proven to reduce your loved ones alcohol and drug use whether they’re receiving professional treatment or not

Get your child into treatment

CRAFT has a 71% success rate at getting adolescents to accept professional help

Johnson Intervention 30%
Al-Anon 13%

De-stress and improve your home life

100% of family members and loved ones reported significant reductions in anger, anxiety, depression, and negative physical symptoms using the CRAFT method

For parents who…

Know their child is

My child acts like she wants to stop and she tries for a little while but then goes back to drinking.

Want help getting their
child to accept treatment

He’s angry and he won’t admit it. How do I confront him about his drug use without pushing him away?

Parental myths of teen drug and alcohol use

“It’s not at the point where I need to do anything”

“All kids experiment, they’re in no more danger than I was at their age”

“I can’t change his behavior”

Truth: Parents can help their kid avoid problems with drug use, Parent CRAFT can help.

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What am I going to get from this course?

  • Empowers parents with effective communication
    You’ll learn how to communicate so your child will respond in a positive manner

  • Create a roadmap of use
    Map of your child’s substance abuse allowing you to first understand and then change the patterns

  • Positive reinforcement
    Break the cycle of use by using positive reinforcement to reward your child’s sobriety

  • Natural consequences
    Teaches you how to use natural consequences to safely withdraw your attention when your child is using

  • Accept treatment
    Helps you find the right treatment program and get your child to accept help

  • Personalized care
    Personalize the lessons and create an individualized solution for your child

Parent CRAFT gave me back my relationship with my daughter that I thought I had lost forever.

This is a godsend to the over 30 million parents in the U.S. alone that are in the same awful place I found myself of not knowing what to do when my own child was abusing drugs and alcohol.

A. Thomas McLellan, PhD,
Former Deputy Director Office of National Drug Control Policy

Get effective tools to change dangerous behaviors