The End of Hitting Rock Bottom

Burt Helm, Boston Globe

“With CRAFT, family members learn ways to lower loved ones’ defenses and encourage them to speak candidly. The advice essentially boils down to simple steps like asking open-ended questions, complimenting positive behaviors, and echoing the person’s concerns in a nonjudgmental way. Next, they learn to devise ways to improve their home life (without fixing or minimizing the ill effects of the drinking or drug use). When the struggling loved one feels understood and safe, the reasoning goes, he or she will be more willing to be vulnerable, to seek help…”

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The Myth of Tough Love: A New Tool for Supporting Loved Ones through Addiction.

Cayte Bosler

“Yes, we need better policies and of course, medical intervention and treatment is invaluable—including more training for doctors who prescribe opiate painkillers. But few stories acknowledge the untapped power of a family or community to support a loved one through addiction…”

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Empowering Parents in the Fight Against Addiction

Dr. Robert Meyers PhD and Dr. Kimberly Kirby, PhD

“More than 80% of adolescents identify their parents as one of the most important influences in their lives. It may be hard to believe that statement especially if you are parenting an adolescent who may be using drugs or alcohol. But did you know that if a teen learns about the risks from his or her friends or “on the street” rather than from parents, then that teen is more likely to engage in substance use?[1] Parents truly play a vital role in their child’s behavior. Understanding such behavior is as important as learning how to talk to them appropriately about drug or alcohol use. We are going to address both in this blog…”

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How the Powerful CRAFT Approach is Saving Lives: Meet Bob Meyers

Cathy Taughinbaugh

“I’m honored to introduce Robert J. Meyers, Ph.D., founder of the Community Reinforcement and Family Training or CRAFT approach. In this interview, Dr. Meyers explains the CRAFT approach, why CRAFT can make a difference for families, and introduces the new Parent CRAFT online program….”

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An Online Program That Works for Addicts’ Families

Jane Adams Ph.D.,
Huffington Post

“…the first if not the last step in getting young adults to recognize and take steps toward solving their problems by teaching their families how to support them in doing so.”

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Youth-serving professionals can steer parents to tool for improving communication

Gary A. Enos, Editor,
Addiction Professional Magazine

“An effort to assist parents who had not been able to get a child into treatment for substance use issues has led to the release of an online course designed to teach parents skills for effective interactions with their substance-using children…”

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The Power of Families to Influence Addiction Recovery: An Interview with Robert J. Meyers, PhD

William L.White,
Counselor Magazine

“One of the major clinical innovations in the modern treatment of addiction is the community reinforcement approach and family training (CRAFT) intervention developed by Robert J. Meyers, PhD. CRAFT is an evidence-based, nonconfrontational approach that can be used by concerned significant others (CSOs) to promote help-seeking and recovery initiation…”

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New research-based online tool provides guidance and support to help parents intervene with adolescent substance abuse

Treatment Research Institute

“(Sept. 29, 2015) Philadelphia, PA – Leading scientific experts in addiction and behavioral science have teamed with experts in interactive online and film-based content in order to create solutions for parents wanting to intervene with their child’s substance use. Derived from the empirically-supported treatment method Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT), the online course, Parent CRAFT, teaches parents how to interact with their child in new ways…”

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Cadence Online Launches Parent CRAFT – Combining Science and the Power of Film to Help Parents Change Their Child’s Substance Use Behavior

“KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cadence Online has launched Parent CRAFT, the first evidence-based online solution for parents concerned about changing drug and alcohol behaviors in their children…”

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