A new University of Michigan study referenced in the Ann Arbor News reinforces the importance of vigilance on the part of parents where their teens and drugs are concerned. The study shows that legal prescription opioid use by high school students leads to a greater likelihood of drug abuse when the teens become adults.

High school students who are prescribed and use opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin and other pain relievers for injuries in high school are 33 percent more likely to abuse the drug by the age of 23.

We at Parent CRAFT believe that parents can and should intervene as early as possible if they suspect substance use in their teens to change their behavior before they get to the abuse and addiction stages. Parent CRAFT is an interactive online skills training program that helps parents model positive communication to strengthen their bond with their kids and provide the support that will help them get through challenging times.

Read the full article: Ann Arbor News, “Teens prescribed opioids more likely to abuse drugs as adults, U-M study shows”