Designer Drugs Entwined with Music Festivals—A Look at This is Life with Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling shows viewers how lights flashing late into the night accompanied by the beat of techno music are good indicators that Molly has come to the party. Ling discusses how MDMA elicits a euphoric feeling and triggers sexual arousal which makes these late night rock shows a very accepting and welcoming environment.

In an interview with an MDMA user, Ling asks what makes Ecstasy or Molly and rock shows such an ideal blend. She quickly learns that Molly users attribute the hype of such shows to the combination with the lights and music. The high from MDMA is described as bursts of energy combine with feelings of kindness and love, and the rock shows are a great venue to release that energy amongst others who are also feeling euphoric and happy.

Ling goes on to further investigate Molly’s, dark side. She leans that problems arise when the drug is not sold in its pure form. But, she learns the biggest concern for those who find themselves under Molly’s spell is their lack of awareness of their own body’s warning signs.

Ling advises MDMA users about the risks associated with MDMA use, both in an altered state and when used without caution. She advises users about how it is imperative that show goers stop dancing and rehydrate themselves and visit areas where they can lower their body temperatures in order to prevent serious bodily damage or even death.

To drive the point home, Ling interviews the parents of a girl who died as a result of using MDMA at a show. The parents argue that a deeper understanding of the necessity of staying hydrated and keeping the body temperature low while using MDMA might have kept their daughter alive.

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