Practical Recovery

Practical Recovery
Location: CA
(858) 429-5302

Practical Recovery uses a self-empowering and truly personalized approach to addiction treatment and recovery.

Self-empowering means that the power to change lies within you, not outside you (in another person, a group or a Higher Power). Many of our clients believe in a Higher Power, but take a “God helps those who help themselves” approach to change and to life in general.

Truly personalized means that we completely adjust our services to focus on what works for you. Client treatment plans are often radically different from one another. If you want to discover how personalized our services can be, call us with your “wish list” of how you’d like to change.

Our specialty is helping individuals who want to become fully recovered, rather than being in recovery for the rest of their lives. Whether your problems are large or small, you can lead a satisfying and meaningful life, getting there one milestone at a time.

The 6 Pillars of Treatment at Practical Recovery:

  • Motivation
  • Craving
  • Problem solving
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Improving relationships
  • Living with meaning and purpose

We implement treatment with a full array of services (outpatient, IOP, detox, residential and sober living), and very high quality staff, who are mostly doctoral level. Individuals who wish to attend a mutual help group typically attend SMART Recovery.

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