AIM House

AIM House
Colorado, US
(303) 554-0011

AIM House is an individualized, live-in mentoring program for young women and men ages 18 and older who are having difficulty with the transition to adulthood. Our goal is to help participants cultivate personal awareness and discover their unique place in the world. To this end, we provide a positively structured living environment and a supportive, personalized program that includes:

  • Group, Individual and Family Therapy
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Vocational Coaching and Internships
  • Academic Mentoring and Access to Academic Institutions
  • Relapse Prevention and Support
  • Health and Wellness Instruction
  • Creative Accelerator Program
  • Positive Peer Support
  • Integrative Psychiatry

AIM House gives participants a unique opportunity to reach beyond self-imposed limitations and determine their own success. Our committed team works to creatively address the specific emotional, behavioral and educational needs of each participant, preparing them for the future while increasing self-confidence in the here and now. This holistic approach is designed to help AIM House residents move forward with their lives in a real world setting.

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